Services which enable people to remain independent by assisting with daily activities.

If you’re accustomed to being completely independent, losing some of your ability to take care of yourself can be a tough situation to face. We help individuals facing daily living challenges. We offer a full range of non-medical services that allow clients to have the best life experience possible, retain their independence, and remain in the privacy and comfort of their own homes.

Ambercare Services:

  • Ambercare Personal Care Program
  • Assistance with Daily Living Activities
  • Day-to-Day Chores
  • Individual Bowel and Bladder
  • Hygiene/Grooming
  • Meal Preparation, Clean Up and Assistance
  • Eating
  • Household and Support Service
  • Supportive Mobility Assistance

Ambercare will also assist with:

  • Developing an Individual Plan of Care with you
  • Conducting an in-home safety check, to identify potential hazards and offersolutions
  • Organizing monthly in-home visits by experienced Ambercare professionals
  • and on-going caregiver supervision
  • Providing training for your Personal Care Attendant

Ambercare Personal Care Services provides a trained, qualified caregiver, or arranges for a family member or friend to provide assistance with daily living activities, such as hygiene & grooming, meal preparation, support services, and mobility assistance. Let Ambercare help arrange for the Personal Care Services you need.

Contracted with All NM Medicaid MCOs

Ambercare offers both Delegated and Directed Options:

Delegated: Ambercare is responsible for the hiring, training, supervising and termination of the Personal Care Attendant(s). Directed: Allows the consumer to oversee his/her own service care delivery, and requires the consumer to work with Ambercare, which acts as a fiscal intermediary agency to process all financial paperwork to Medicaid.

In both models, the consumer may choose family members (except a spouse), friends, neighbors or anyone as their attendants. Our team of Personal Care Attendants have been screened and trained to provide the highest level of compassionate care in your home.

In both models the Member:
  • May pick an attendant, which may be a family member
  • Must work with a Medicaid approved provider
  • Remains in the community and maintains their independence
In both models the provider is responsible for:
  • Submitting all billing to Medicaid
  • Making sure that all attendants have passed a Caregiver Criminal History Screening test

Member-Directed Model

Member is responsible for:

  • Hiring/termination of Caregiver
  • Scheduling and planning services
  • Agency responsible for business related transactions

This model is ideal for Members who want to and are able to direct their own care. The Member-Directed model is designed to allow the Member to be in charge of the delivery of services. The Member advertises if necessary, interviews and selects his/her own attendants, supervises the attendant in providing services, and terminates the attendant if necessary. The Medicaid approved provider in this model is the “Fiscal Intermediary Agency” that helps the Member with all business related responsibilities. The Member decides how the program can best fit their needs by setting their own hours, deciding how their services are provided and deciding how their attendants should be trained.

Member-Delegated Model

Agency is responsible for:

  • Hiring/termination of Caregiver
  • Scheduling and planning of services
  • All business related transactions

This model is ideal for Members who do not want to or are not able to direct their own care. The Member-Delegated model is designed for the Member to “delegate” the delivery of services to the Medicaid approved provider. The Medicaid approved provider in this model is the “PCO Agency.” 

The PCO Agency is responsible for advertising and recruiting prospective attendants, interviewing, hiring and training according to program regulation. The PCO Agency is responsible for quality assurance and is expected to closely monitor the Member’s services through monthly home visits and 24-hour emergency telephone access.

What are Personal Care Services?

The Medicaid Personal Care Services Program (PCS) is for qualified individuals that meet the following criteria:

  • Must be 21 years of age
  • Must be eligible for a full coverage Medicaid program
  • Must meet medical necessity regulations
  • Under Centennial Care, each member must choose a MCO (Managed Care Organization/Insurance Company).   Each member will have access to Care Coordination services and will receive a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) that will help members work together with their MCO to create a Care plan.  This HRA is a telephone call from their MCO.  If the HRA shows that the member has medical, behavioral health conditions or long-term-care needs that require a higher level of Care Coordination, the member will receive a Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA).  The CNA will be completed in the members residence.

The PCS program offers a range of services to Members who are unable to perform some or all activities of daily living because of a disability or functional limitation.

PCS services permit members to live in his or her home rather than at an institution and allow him or her to maintain or increase their independence.

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